Package org.iu.gps

Interface Summary
GPSListener The GPS driver calls gpsEvent on all registered GPS listeners.
VRMITriggerListener The VRMITriggerListener interface is used as a callback for the various triggers.

Class Summary
Config Various methods for storing/loading Java objects from ASCII-readable configuration files.
COORD The COORD class encapsulates all methods related to earth coordinate transformations.
DATUM DATUM specifies a geodetic earth datum, that is, an ellipsoid whose center is moved from the center.
DirectionPanel Realizes a (compass-like) round direction display with an arrow and the display of the direction in degrees.
ELLIPSOID ELLIPSOID specifies an earth ellipsoid.
GPSDriver This class realizes access to GPS devices over a serial line (NMEA0183 message format).
GPSInfo GPSInfo encapsulates all information as retrieved by a GPS device.
GPSInfoView GPSInfo display window.
GPSLog This class represents a device-independent GPS log.
GPSSetup GPS setup dialog.
ImagePanel Panel to display a file-based image (JPG or GIF).
MapPanel Wrapper for map display within class MapView.
MapView WhereAmI map panel display, with the following features: - ability to save/load locations - ability log/replay movements from GPS - ability to simulate movements
NMEA NMEA0183 message parser.
RegionTriggerInfo Contains all information about a region trigger.
TimeTriggerInfo Contains all information about a distance / time trigger.
TriggerInfo Trigger information base class.
VRMI The VRMI class encapsulates all "higher" GPS funcionality.
VRMITest VRMITest is the test class for the VRMI module.
XY The XY class represents a tupel of coordinates (GaussKrueger or Longitude=X/Latitude=Y).